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Ngozi Megwa Senior Vice President Digital Partnerships MEA
Ngozi Megwa Senior Vice President Digital Partnerships MEA

The recent GITEX Africa event in Morocco marked a significant milestone for the continent’s tech industry, attracting esteemed professionals and industry leaders from across Africa. Among the distinguished guests was Ngozi Megwa, the Senior Vice President of Digital Partnerships for Mastercard. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider Africa, Ngozi shared valuable insights into Mastercard’s role in driving digital transformation, while also shedding light on her career success habits and traits.

Ngozi Megwa, an experienced tech visionary, began by elaborating on her influential role at Mastercard, stating, “I am Ngozi Megwa, privileged to lead the digital partnership and enabler segment for Mastercard in the Eastern Europe with Eastern Africa region, covering around 78 markets. Spearheading digital innovation in this dynamic landscape is a tremendous responsibility.”

When discussing Mastercard’s approach to collaborating with digital partners, Ngozi passionately explained, “At Mastercard, our mission is to connect consumers, financial institutions, governments, and merchants to the digital economy seamlessly. Our focus is on facilitating secure and convenient digital payments across these customer segments. As the world undergoes a digital transformation, we recognise the importance of offering choice, safety, security, and convenience. We understand that consumer preferences are evolving, and we strive to anticipate these changes by providing personalised services that meet their needs.”

Ngozi further emphasised the significance of a forward-thinking approach, stating, “Being digital-first is a term that resonates with everyone today. However, it’s not just about having cutting-edge technology; it’s about equipping the ecosystem with the right tools and insights. Our investments in data and personalisation platforms enable us to transform technology-driven data into actionable insights. This approach ensures that we provide our partners with the necessary technology and empower them to future-proof their businesses.”

As a strong advocate for female professionals entering the tech industry, Ngozi shared valuable advice based on her own experiences, saying, “Self-awareness is a crucial aspect. You must truly understand your interests and passions. When you identify your genuine interests, you can navigate the challenges and learning curves with determination. Don’t let fear hold you back. Remember that things may not always go smoothly, but with self-drive and resilience, you can overcome any obstacle.”

Reflecting on her career journey, Ngozi highlighted three key success traits that propelled her career, stating, “Self-awareness is vital because it helps you identify your strengths and limitations. Embrace the fact that you will encounter failures along the way. Mistakes serve as stepping stones for personal growth and development. Finally, remain super ambitious. Set high goals for yourself and be proactive in pursuing them.”

Looking ahead, Ngozi revealed Mastercard’s commitment to Africa’s future, stating, “Mastercard is intentional about transforming financial inclusion in Africa. We recognise that one size does not fit all, so we prioritise local partnerships and solutions that cater to the unique needs of each region. As we continue to innovate, we will always prioritise consumer convenience, safety, and security.”

Ngozi Megwa’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring female tech enthusiasts in Africa’s ever-evolving tech landscape. Her story demonstrates the power of self-awareness, resilience, and ambition. With visionary leaders like Ngozi at the helm, the future of Africa’s tech industry shines brighter than ever before.

Original Source: Business Insider Africa