Educational Service Organizations play a key role in the economic and efficient delivery of a wide range of educational support and program services. Their sustainability lies in making ongoing strategic decisions that account for both mission impact and financial viability.

We have significant experience working with Educational Service Organizations on a local and national level, including experience with diverse private, state and international funders of these program.

We understand the education industry and its particular business and operational challenges, including funding and regulatory issues. We will provide pragmatic recommendations beyond compliance, guided by you and the strategic interests of your organization. Our extensive experience within the education industry makes us uniquely qualified to serve you.

Who we serve in the education industry:

  • Corporate Universities
  • Charter schools
  • Charter management organizations
  • Independent schools
  • Virtual Schools
  • Open and Distance Learning
  • Proprietary Schools
  • Producers and suppliers of educational material and products
  • Technical & Vocation Education (TVET) Programs
    – Trade/Vocational Schools:
    – IT/Computer Schools
    – Learning Centers
    – Tutoring Services
    – Assessment Services