Digital Forensics

We support governments, businesses, and non-profits in their efforts to combat and detect electronics crime. We collect, process, preserve, analyze, and present computer-related evidence in support of network vulnerability mitigation and/or criminal, fraud, or law enforcement investigations. We can recover and analyze information from data storage devices (including computers, phones, networks, and more). Our Digital Forensics examiners help track down hackers, recover stolen data, trace fraudulent transactions, follow computer attacks back to their source, and in other types of investigations involving computers.

Our team includes subject matter experts who can decrypt digital data collections and examine digital media on multiple operating system platforms. Our team members have the following skills, experience and credentials:

  • Fast analytical thinking and precise observation skills
  • Deep understanding of how technology really works (computer systems, programming, or other related fields, how digital systems interact with each other, and what is possible from a compromise perspective)
  • Experience working on a cybersecurity team
  • Experience documenting findings to present to others, such as attorneys and judges
  • Strong writing and speaking skills to effectively communicate findings to other team members and clients
  • The ability to conduct digital forensics in very detail-oriented manner and produce high-quality work
  • Certifications including CISSP, ENCE, GCFE/A