Alima Rashid

Alima Rashid

Sales/Marketing Manager

Alima is a Sales & Marketing Manager with years of experience in developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans within an organization. She is responsible for brand management, positioning, promotion, and delivering high performance to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

Alima works with the Senior Management team to assess and identify new opportunities for growth. She is also responsible for developing marketing strategies, organizing promotional events, and coordinating the day-to-day activities of the Marketing Team.

Prior to joining JS Morlu, Alima stands out as a self-motivated yet customer-focused individual with proficiency in marketing research and statistical analysis. She is also familiar with financial planning and strategy development. She is a professional full of great leadership qualities, competence, broad knowledge, and understanding of communication skills and customer service.

Alima holds an MBA in Global Financial Services from Coventry University UK and a BSC in Banking and Finance from the University of The Gambia. As an experienced Marketing Manager, Alima works diligently to create and maintain client relationships. She believes highly in leading and training a competent marketing associate team that complements the company’s goals.