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Tech Mogul JS Morlu Visits Gambia

A renowned international financial expert who runs accounting and technology firms in several countries in Africa, Asia with headquarters in in the US, arrives today for a two-week visit.

Mr John Sembe Morlu, the global Chief Executive Officer and strategist of the international financial management and technology firm JS Morlu, will engage stakeholders in the financial sector and meet with senior officials of the Gambia government including Vice President Muhammad B.S. Jallow.

Mr Morlu will use his visit to showcase the work of his company in the US and other parts of the world including the development of cutting-edge technologies in the fintech industry.

The company’s global strategist, according to a statement from the firm, will work with the government on several areas including the introduction of a new financial reconciliation software called Recksoft.

A statement from the firm says Recksoft is the leading software that reconciles millions of financial transactions in few minutes and present report with hundred percent certainty. It said Recksoft has been applied at the Central Bank of Ghana with remarkable success. The statement said its reconciliation report submitted to the Ghanaian government is today helping that country make sound financial decisions and it is strengthening the country’s financial management system.

The firm’s report is also assisting the government in Accra to continue to manage Ghana forex system and its international trade, the company said in a statement issued to the media ahead of the arrival of Mr. Morlu.

The statement also said its Global CEO wants to see Africa take charge of its economy and financial systems.

“Our Global CEO has over the years fought for an Africa that has its financial management system under control to guide its interactions with other countries in Europe, Asia and the North America.

“Mr. Morlu looks forward to meaningful exchanges with all stakeholders in the Gambia to move the country to new levels of technology and financial innovation.”

JS Morlu said in a statement shared with The Standard that it has also developed a groundbreaking human resource management software that will permanently resolve the problem of ghost workers and workforce management in Africa.

“Managing humans has posed significant challenge to governments and multinational corporations with hundreds of thousands of workers unaccounted for. JS Morlu has identified substantial gaps in the HR system on the continent that has affected governments and multinational organizations. No government in Africa has successfully cleaned payroll.

“In some countries, governments and donor partners have spent millions of dollars on audit of the payrolls but none of these audits has resulted into a genuine payroll that represents the actual human resources capacity of the institution,” the company’s statement concluded.

Original Source: The Standard Newspaper (The Gambia)